Taking Back Ex Boyfriend??

Hi, so I need some advice. Chris (21) and I (19) got together over a year ago and dated for a year. We dated until July of this year, where he abruptly cut it off. He's in the army, and was deployed overseas during the time he broke up with me. Fast forward to two weeks ago, where he messages me apologizing. His reason for the break up was "I was told I was going back overseas to a combat zone. I wanted you to no worry about me. Not realize if I ever died". However, he told me the day we broke up that he "just didn't see me romantically anymore". So he did lie. We've been talking since that day and hes been trying to win me back since then. My problem is I don't know how to forgive. I was crushed and devastated. But I've never swayed from the idea that hes still the one. I've known it since the day we met. Anyways, I'm asking, what should I do? Should I forgive or just send him on his way? How do you forgive heartbreak like that?? Please no harsh comments, only looking for friendly advice. Thank you :)