Co sleeping, baby wearing, instinct trusting mama

Soleya • Mama to Fern and future midwife. Supporter of all things mom!

Almost every choice I've made for my baby is the "unsafe" choice. I've been told she'll be spoiled if I tend to her cries. She'll be dependent if I nurse her to sleep. It's not safe sleep with her in my bed. But you know what? My girl is healthy, she is gaining her independence on her own time (I see a bit more independence in her every day), and we are both well rested! Carrying her all day is making me stronger than I've ever been. Responding to her cries is making her an emotionally secure person who knows she can trust mom to always be there. I am so proud of my choices as a parent and no one can tell me I'm doing it wrong. The evidence that it's right for us is apparent every day in how well she and I are doing. Be proud mamas. I know it's hard seeing everyone talk down about how you raise your children. I'm so proud of the way I raise my baby. I trust my instincts, and the haven't let me down yet.

**this is not shaming mothers who raise their children differently than I do. I just hardly see mom's practicing the parenting method I do, and I face a lot of criticism for it**