Should I test?!

Momma Fox • 1 of each 💝💙

I have the worst time differentiating between PMS and Pregnancy. I have never really PMS'd .

It has always been just using the bathroom one morning and boom, Im on my period. There has never been real warnings. Except after my miscarriage I get spotting for 2-3 days before it starts. Which has saved a lot of undies!!

But for roughly 4 days of this week I had very mild cramping, then yesterday and today it was gone.

Then my CM amount had increased about double, but its creamy.

My breasts as a whole, are tender and sore. But not my nipples!

According to glow and my calander counting, my period should be here around the 28th/29th.

Im just so baby crazy and anxiously waiting for a postive. I dont know if I should risk wasting a test?!😢


I had a 4 day brown period (a week after the period Im basing my calander counting on(28 day count)) and the last time I had that occur, I ended up pregnant!

But if I count 28 days from that, my period wont occur until around December 8th.