Besides the joy of motherhood


I'm so glad pregnancy is over.

No more morning sickness, acid reflux. Throwing up after every meal, having to test after every meal (Gd), peeing every 5 minutes or less lol! I mean I loved being pregnant sometimes it was a big blessing considering he was my rainbow baby but all that was taking such a toll on my body. Again, it was worth it but I'm just so glad its over.

Now instead of his kicks in my tummy he tries to kick me when I'm changing him. And every time he has hiccups I remember all those moments he hiccuped in my tummy 😭 which is probably one of the few things I do miss.

I love you Josiah 💙

I love motherhood though! Even the wakeups at 3am. He's worth it in more ways then one. 💙