Birth story still in nicu


Around 17 weeks my doctor informed me that the baby had a dilated bowel. She said they couldnt do anything for me at my local hospital so they refered me to cincinnati childrens hospital for further diagnosis. They told me the baby had a blockage in his bowel and that he would need surgery to remove it immiately after birth. Also said i would need very close monitoring starting about 25 weeks to make sure the bowel wouldnt burst and to watch my amniotic fluid. They started doing 2 ultrasounds a week and i got accepted into the ronald mcdonald house because my home was too far to keep driving. Monday oct 17th (34 weeks) i went in for my routine ultrasound. They usually just checked my fluid and the size of the bowel each time. I kept telling my husband i couldnt wait to leave so we could go eat and that i hoped they would give me a due date before we leave. The doctor finished the ultrasound and said well looks like were having a baby today. The bowel had suddenly burst and my amniotic fluid had almost doubled. I was in shock. I knew id be having a baby soon but not 2 hours later! The baby was breech so the scheduled a c section. I cried all the way up until my epidural was given. An hour later, my baby was born. Hearing his cry was the most amazing thing ive ever heard. I didnt even get to see him

They rushed him away to the nicu. In recovery the nicu brought him in in his little box and let me hold his hand for few minutes then took him away again. After that i didnt see him for 2 days. They took him in for surgery 6 hours after his birth. They removed 75% of his small intestine and insterted a g-tube for feedings. He also has a picc line for tpn feedings for extra nutrition where he isnt eating normally. Today he is eating 8 oz through his g tube and 1 oz by bottle. They did inform me today that he will be going home in just a matter of weeks. I have been away from home and family for over 2 months now. I cant wait to finally take my baby home. He will be going home with his picc line and g tube and will have them both for a year but i am grateful he is alive and well. God is lorenzo. Born at 34 weeks 6lbs 3oz and now is 7lbs 13oz ❤