Not sure if I should skip clomid next cycle.


I have done 3 cycles of clomid now, and I'm feeling like AF is coming soon, I'm on CD 22. I called in my refill today, but not sure if I want to take it or wait. I have this refill plus two more, 50mg. I'm considering skipping this cycle then taking 100mg next cycle. My gyn doesn't monitor with ultrasounds or anything, she said it wasn't necessary, but said if I'm not pregnant after the 6 cycles that she will need to refer me to a fertility clinic.

So what would you gals do? Keep taking them at 50mg, or skip one month then take 100mg? I'm just getting so frustrated.

BTW I have pcos and hubby's sperm count was low. His testosterone levels were on the low side of normal range, but his dr prescribed testosterone shots every other week for him. At his last appointment they checked his levels again and they are middle-high of normal range now.

I guess I'm just looking for some insight here... so I don't go crazy lol