feeling guilty at work?

I've been struggling with emotions at work lately.  I work for a small business that I cofounded two years ago.  The owner would never say it, but I feel like he's disappointed that I'm pregnant.  I'm not sure if it's my hormones and being sensitive, or him stressing out about me taking a maternity leave, but he keeps sending me these passive aggressive emails- Rubbing every tiny little mistake or oversight in my face.  I'm training three people to cover for me, that's how much I do at my work.  I feel like he doesn't even realize or give me credit for everything I do.  I want things to go well while I'm gone and I'm happy that we have such a great team.  I just feel like it's really mean and he doesn't give me any credit for running his business.  He just talks about my work as a designer- which is really only about 40% of what I do.  We started this company together 2 years ago and I did all the work implementing procedures, bringing on new hires and training them.  Within two years we have a staff of seven and we're about to meet our goal of a million dollars in sales this year.  (Last year we did $300,000).  Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond excited about becoming a mom, but I just feel the business success I've had slipping away.