what do you think about running a wildlife sanctuary

Okay so I'm 20 now and have been at a loss for deciding what career path I'd like to take pretty much my whole life. I keep coming back to either culinary or veterinary medicine. I'm just hesitant because I HATE school and don't want to pay tuition. My husband is a mining engineer and can work literally anywhere that there is something to dig out of the ground, so my career choice isn't prohibited by his. But I just saw this video on Facebook about a wildlife sanctuary and their wolves, and I immediately had this rush of excitement and passion come over me, that I could do that! Especially with wolves because I have this incredible passion for saving wolves, and I love all animals so I could probably get into rescuing several different types. So my question is, do you think this is a stupid idea? Be honest. I know those types of things are typically non-profit so I'd have to do fundraising, but I'm not worried about the money and I'm not interested in making any. My husband makes/will make plenty. And does anyone on here run a sanctuary by chance? If you do I would love some information on how to get started. 
ETA: I would have some training and take classes on animal behavior, anatomy, etc etc, maybe even some business/accounting classes to help with money. I meant that I was hesitant to to go to school for something I wasn't super passionate about.