How to track Chlomid intake?

Hello! I just joined the community and I am trying to see if there is a way to track when I've been taking Chlomid. This is my first month on it after trying naturally for two years. My husband and I are both perfectly healthy (we've gone to fertility clinics to get tested, etc.).
Last month was our first month using an ovulation prediction kit (clear blue advanced) and I ovulated on the 29th day when I was already starting to feel cramps.
So this month we thought that the Chlomid might make me ovulate earlier. I started on the fifth day of my cycle and took two pills a day for five days. I began the ovulation test on my 16th day, and have low results from the ovulation test since. Now, Glow is predicting that I will start my period in 5 days and that all the rest of the days will have a very low chance of pregnancy. I'm so confused and frustrated. As those of you who are trying to conceive know, a wasted month is so difficult. I am wondering if the prediction on ere is incorrect, given that I've only tracked one period so far.
Any ideas on what I should be doing differently? Anything helps!