heartbroken & don't know what to do...

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This is my amazing, most loving cat in the world, Baby
She's always had that brown spot on her lip lol. She's always kept her fur clean, being an outside cat but her fur was always so white and clean and fluffy to pet. Well. This is her now. 
There was a lot of blood on the steps last week & we thought she'd killed something. But no. At first she had this weird milky white creamy substance on her mouth and she stank. Her fur was sort of dirty. Then she wouldn't eat her food and got stinkier and dirtier. Then a lot of blood and it looks like some teeth are missing and her face is swollen. She's meowing now and eating soft food. But I can feel she's smaller in her hips. She's always been pretty healthy aka chunky. Her lips were quivering like she couldn't shut her mouth. She looks and smells like she died and came back. I don't know what to do. My family can't afford a vet bill... but I don't want her hurting or to possibly die. It breaks my heart. What do I do?????