We can't have a baby😢 anyone with adoption experience?


My partner and I just got confirmed that it is highly unlikely that we can have a baby together, even with <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">in vitro fertilization</a>...

It's not that we have started to try get pregnant yet, this was revealed during some further investigations of health. We already knew that if we wanted to have a baby, we would have to go with in vitro. Now the options is either sperm bank (neither of us are keen on this) or adoption. Adoption is a wonderful thing, giving someone a loving, caring and safe home. That will probably be what we'll go for when we are ready.

I'm just struggling a bit with winding my thoughts around the fact that I will not carry my child, feel the feet kicking in me, hold the baby that has been so physical close to me but hidden away, or breastfeed my own child. I am also sad that we won't be having our baby, that we don't get the chance to bring our baby into the world.

Anyone with similar experiences? Or experience with adoption, anything you would like to share?