suicide lifeline

Friendly reminder that it's always okay to call suicide lifelines if you feel dangerous to yourself or if you know someone who might be dangerous to themselves. Mental illness is a very real thing. Tonight for the first time, at 3 am, I called the lifeline and talked for over an hour because the world felt crushing down on me. Part of my mind told me to suck it up, and that all these things that happen to me happen to most people and everyone else deals with it so why can't I? But it's important to remember that having mental illnesses also means that certain situations can seem heightened by depression and anxiety. And it is perfectly okay and normal to seek help.  I'm honestly very proud of myself for taking this huge step tonight because it made me feel eons better and honestly it really did save my life tonight. I love each and every one of y'all on here. You are NEVER alone, you are loved and treasured and adored. And if you need anyone to talk to seriously message me, message someone, call a lifeline. Reach out and I promise you won't regret it.