just broke up w my ex. pregnant?

Me and my (now ex) had sex 4 days before I got a pos opk . (Use them to track my cycle) I am assuming I o'd on Friday due to the soreness I had on Saturday. So on the day we had sex, he had came inside me. About an hour later, I went to use the restroom and noticed the most ewcm I have ever had. 
After that day I had no more cm other then just normal wetness. Not even on the day I O'd. 
I am now 6dpo, and I have had af like cramps, very mild slightly hot and low cramps. On and off. 
Due to him lying and treating me awful we are no longer together. I just am so worried thinking I may become pregnant. I'm 19. Not in any form of birth control. At the time we had sex it was not a big deal if it happened. Now that I have caught him in extreme lies and calling me names and everything it's an issue. I couldn't get an abortion I would hate myself. Ladies can I please have some opinions. What are my chances??