that wasn't a fart 😳

I travel🛩 a lot for work over the last two weeks I've spent a lot of days away from home. Today, today was my day🙋🏻! I was going to catch up on paperwork, make phone calls, drink some delicious home brewed coffee☕️, and do it all from the comfort of my own bed (it's such a magical little pillowtop 🛌which I miss so much when I'm gone)!! But apparently, like it usually does, life had other plans.  See, last night I needed to start taking my Metformin again.  Which is this great miricle pill 💊that lets me have periods, I would'nt otherwise have, so I can hopefully get pregnant (with two years of trying under my belt let's hope it works soon🙏).  Although, this miricle pill does wonders on my uterus its effects on other parts of my body have been quite annoying.  At this point I expect it, you know, the gas ⛽️. Even the occasional diarrhea I've taken as a good trade of to that little one I may get someday 👶🏻!  But today as I sat on my cozy Christmas 🎄 bedding that gas turned into something else.  For the first time in my adult life...I sharted😳!  The look on my dogs eyes 👀 mirrored my own disgust as we were both in complete shock trying to assess the situation.  I guess this Metformin is getting me ready for a baby in more ways then one 😒.  #thanksmetformin