should I learn to ice skate in my third trimester?

Edit: thanks for setting me straight everyone. I don't want to risk anything happening to my placenta and putting my little angel in danger. You also make a really good point about the balance. I couldn't seem to balance myself on the ice last time unpregnant anyway (which is weird because I'm pretty good at keeping my balance in yoga). 
Okay no one jump on me for this question, but I bought ice skates last year wanting to learn how to skate, but I never took classes and went out once with my husband trying to help me, so it was a fail due to my embarrassment and fear. Yes, I'm the dumb dumb who never learned this skill as a kid or even teen. This winter I'm in my third trimester (due feb 7) and I'm wondering if it might still be safe to take actual classes now, or should I wait until the baby is born (haha, like I'll have time for anything after that). We have a long canal that people skate on every winter and that's what I want to do before it gets closed again. Seriously, I don't look obviously pregnant. My coat still fits and everything. I'm concerned about the falling but of course people tend to break their falls so they don't land on their stomach.