(UPDATE!) Possible Miscarriage?

I'm around 9 weeks pregnant and on Saturday morning I woke up after having a sexual dream and orgasm...when I went to the bathroom I had bright red blood on my underwear (not too much) and a thumbnail size blood clot when I wiped. I wiped again within an hour and still had very little blood but two more clots the same size.
Since that second time I haven't had any more clots or bleeding (just a little brown "old" blood yesterday when wiping and nothing at all since last night). I also had no cramping at all at any point, and still experience nausea and breast tenderness.
I didn't go to ER because I know they can't do anything to stop a miscarriage, but have done blood work for HCG levels today and have another one scheduled for Wednesday.
I will most likely find out on Thursday either way, but just wondering if anybody has any input?
UPDATE: I told myself I would update regardless of outcome because other people might face the same issue. I didn't have any bleeding or clots after those couple of hours on Saturday. My HCG blood work came back inconclusive as expected since I'm probably starting to peak so doctor sent me for ultrasound...just came out of the office after hearing baby's heart beat!!! The technician also said she doesn't see any blood left over in my uterus. If doctor has more to tell me after the formal report is out I will update again. Thank you everyone who replied! 😊