shamed by a massage therapist

I get horrible knots in my shoulders and neck and it really contributes to my migraines. At my 8 week visit I was telling mt OB that I was excited for the second trimester so I could start getting massages again. She said there is actually no evidence that shows any harm in getting massages in first trimester and that I should go get one. I was sooo excited and booked one for Saturday morning. I had a new lady bc my normal person was booked. She asked me how far along I was and when I told her 8.5 weeks she FREAKED. She told me she refuses to give massage until second trimester and that I was increasing my risk of miscarrying by trying to get one. I explained to her that my doctor - who knows I have had a miscarriage before - had no concerns about me getting one. This lady totally scolded me and made me feel like I am already a horrible mom. I told her I would reschedule and she said I looked sad and changed her mind and said we could do it but she had all these things she wouldn't do, including my neck. I ended up leaving and canceling another appointment I had with her later. I cried in my car for about 5 minutes then when to target and did some Christmas shopping. I get if she felt uncomfortable but she totally freaked out on me and I felt she handled it very poorly, I definitely will not be going back to her 😟