baby measuring 98%tile feeling confused 😔

So I need to vent because I just came from the doctors office and I have all these mixed feelings. My ultra sound showed that baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and the weight is 8 lbs and 3 oz. the doctor said that is a pretty big baby. He said the baby is head down which is good but that there is an 8 percent chance that his shoulders can get stuck when delivering vaginally and that I should consider c section if it's something I would want. Obviously I would prefer vaginally ... but I'm looking at all of this confused. This is my first baby and as it is im already scared of all this and I take what the doctor says serious. Now he said there is a 8 percent chance which is very low../ but I guess it could cause nerve damage to his shoulder if he's not able to come out. He said the concern is that in about 3 weeks when I'm full term he could very well be a lot bigger. I know as a doctor he is just telling me to cover himself from a law suit ... but at the same time I worry. I also know that these measurements are not always accurate. I would like to know your input or if any of you have had similar experiences. I'm starting to almost want to find another doctor just to get more input on this. I would want a confident doctor that can tell me " this can be done" idk..  I'm just a confused mess right now.