Parenting Rant: Long

Robin • Latina Lesbian and proud 💖💖

Okay, so for those of you who know my posts, as I practically use Glow to vent about my problems all the time, you know I am not biologically a parent. However, as the oldest of 3 with a borderline estranged dad, I'm pretty much my siblings parent, ages 14 & 12. So - we'll call him S - S has just hit puberty, and he's giving me all types of attitude, questioning my authority (I would too, seeing as my acting role for them is mom. And no, my dad isn't Hebert the Pervert, he's just never around and SOMEONE has to parent them) and such. And on top of S's attitude, he's always been a pickier eater. You know what's worse than a picky eater? Coddled picky eaters. Picky eaters who are coddled by grandparents all their lives. NOW, I'm aware it's not his fault the way he is, I.E. he got straight F's and D's. Estranged Father has no real punishment for him, so obviously I stepped in and gave him some actual punishment, like cleaning the entire kitchen. Do you know what cleaning a kitchen consists of? Washing the dishes, cleaning the counters off, taking out the trash, the works. Doesn't even scrub the refrigerator or sweep/mop. So, of course over protective grandma comes in and lectures on how hard I am on him.

Y'all. DO Y'ALL EVEN KNOW WHAT I HAD TO DO IF I BROUGHT HOME EVEN 1 F???? I'm talking I could have straight A's and 1 F, and I was scrubbing the baseboards, everyone's chores became mine, I couldn't even go to store, or be in the same room as a TV that was on. And he's only getting a KITCHEN for punishment? The kitchen was my chore OFF of punishment. Dishes, hand washed, every single night, no roll over, nothing.

So yes, I'm a little bit mad at how bad they are coddling S. THEN, I make dinner. S only eats highly highly highly processed junk food. I'm talking corn dogs and chicken patties every night. I'm talking pop tarts every single morning. He won't even LOOK at a meal that I've spent hours making. I know I'm not a bad cook, A, the 14 year old, eats it no fuss, as does everyone who isn't S. It's not that I'm making foods he doesn't like, he won't even try things he's never had before. It's him being over coddled and not experiencing anything other that like 6 foods. So, you know what? I'm their parent now, I'm going to raise them how they SHOULD have been raised, and I made dinner. A dinner S has never had before, and he didn't want it. Why? Because, "I don't want to try it." Okay, whatever, fine. Your little ass is going to sit in that chair and if you don't even touch it within an hour, I'll ask you if you want it still. If you tell me no, fine. Throw it away, your not getting anything but water for the rest of the night. One night of going to bed hungry BY CHOICE will not kill him, it's not child abuse, he was given food and he decided not to eat it. It's not like I served him stale bread and a half cooked dog, it was farfelle, a type of pasta. I'm not going to WASTE food to accommodate his picky, unhealthy eating habits. It's only a year before I move out and then our loving estranged father gets to go back to raising him, I need to make some type of impression on him because he doesn't clean, doesn't eat right, and is coddled. I refuse to raise an entitled brat of a kid because after a short few years the real world is going to have him and lord knows everyone hates the self centered entitled brat yelling at the cashier about prices or waitresses for not getting their drink refilled fast enough.

Okay, I feel a whole lot better now. On a side note, does anyone know how to correct a picky eater under the radar? Someone must have a picky eater on here.