Confused and need some help

I've never really dated until now at the age of 19. Though I've had various "boyfriends" I've never truly had a relationship until Jarrod came my way. We've been best friends for four years and known eachother since infancy due to sharing family. He drives me bonkers in some of the best ways. But after being together for almost four months He's driving me insane in some of the worst ways. 
Before I begin with the explanation to what I'm asking I feel I need to explain a couple things about Jarrod. 1. He's on meds for sleeping and for depression and anxiety 2. He was a traveling welder who chose to stay home and work in a factory welding to be near me and 3. He works nights while I work days. 
Things were perfect until he took the night job. But now things are getting super hard. He never wants to go anywhere or do anything. He only wants to sleep. I haven't seen him in over a week, which is the longest we gone without being around eachother since he chose to stay off the road. He promised for the past three nights he'd wake up at a decent time and come see me before work ( I don't have a car yet so I can't see him on my own)  and he hasn't shown. He's slept through all 27 alarms that he has set at five minute intervals.... when we are by eachother all he does is sleep. The last time we went on a date was in October to a haunted house and that was because his dad's girlfriend had us go with them. Any time I mention that we haven't gone anywhere he uses his social anxiety as an excuse not to do something. Literally all we do on Saturdays is sleep and have sex when he's awake. His birthday weekend we actually went to Walmart to pick some things up and he had a fit while in there about the amount of people that were in there WHILE WE WERE WALKING AROUND IN THE STORE. 
Is it too much to ask to actually do something together besides having sex and sleeping? Do I continue to let this go in like this? Am I overreacting? HELP