Pregnant? symptoms & spotting

Anyone have any ideas on this. 
- AF due week from today 
- sore breasts the past 4 days (except this morning I woke up and not sore anymore). I don't typically get sore breasts with af. So this was notable for me 
- yesterday (Monday) had pink/reddish light spotting when wiping (never made it to panties)
- so far no spotting today (Tuesday)
- not sure what day ovulation is/was but my "green" days in glow were dec 6-12th which puts me at least 7 days from the last green day. (FYI whole cycle is typically 35 days long)
- I'm traveling internationally with coworker and can't run to get a test. At least until Thursday when we are back in the US.
I feel like I'm going a little crazy. And the international time zones aren't helping. Would love for this to be a little bean but trying not to get too ahead of myself. Thanks!