Please dont be a boy. Help with name please.

Kat • Im a lucky momma of a beautiful 3 year old girl. Hubby and i conceived baby number two after one cycle of trying! super greatful to be due Jan. 18th 2017

I am due in 30 days with a gender surprise baby. I have a hard time with boy names and i hate all of my husbands favorites. He really likes atticus finch. ( like to kill a mockingbird) i feel like i have to use one.

Quirin finch?

Finch quirin?

Quirin atticus?

Quirin is the only name i like that he is ok about. His other suggestions are anyrhing from game of thrones...

Also he picked my daughters first name ( which was my boy fav. Emery)

Should i compromise? Are any of these good?