So... Long story! A coworker of my boyfriend asked to give him a ride one day after their work meeting and he accepted. She then asked him if he'd like to get a coffee and he agreed. She took him to her house and he was there for a few hours. Long story short: she was trying to get close to him and kiss him.

Her husband is out of town for work. I think I remember him telling me she had music on and he tried his best to cancel out whatever her plan was and made her watch a movie instead. Not the best choice :P but anyways... Supposedly nothing happened between them no matter how hard she tried.

*keep in mind she is married, somewhere between 30's-40's, my bf was 18 at the time, and this happened two years ago but I can't ever stop thinking about it!*

Well anyways, I have to go to my college teacher's Christmas party with her (cougar lady) there tomorrow 😒 I am NOT going to enjoy myself with her there and I HAVE TO go 😐 FML 😡