Doc says she's a prodigy?!

At our 1 y appointment our doc was amazed at her abilities and said "this kid is gonna be a prodigy.. Yay! I get to watch a prodigy grow up!" She kept warning us how challenging she will be in this next year or two. 
Dad thinks the doc was "being nice" and probably says that to all parents. I have never heard a doc say this about my older kids, and never heard this from other parents. Docs don't normally say things like this right?? 
Our baby can say about 20 words, understands much more. She knows her body parts, colors, can get an object for you (like a diaper or her shoes) and when I tell her no she goes to dad and "tattles" on me (seriously it's really cute). 
I wouldn't say she's a prodigy, but why would the doc? I don't think she was just being nice. Anyone else have a doc say something like that?