is this okay?

About 4/5 months ago I told my boyfriend I didn't want to have sex on that day because I just wasn't in the mood I kept telling and he kept asking and asking I kept saying no he started kissing me and he said please can we do it I said no again he please so i said fine and we done it after I cried and felt horrible after a day or so I was okay I didn't think anything of it in summer our parents found out we had sex and it was horrible we only met each other when we went out somewhere but we still managed to do it and I feel awful about it now our parents let us stay home alone with my brothers and I told him all day I didn't want to do anything we kissed a lot and it made him hard but I said I don't want to do anything I said it and made it clear I said are you going to finish on your own he I'm going to have to buy half an hour later he wanted to spoon sorter naked I said okay but we can't do anything because we need to earn this trust back he started wanking himself off and in the end I had to give in I went to toilet and felt so upset I wanted to cry there and then does this happen to anyone else? Sorry that this is so long I just need advice.