Baby Movement!

I'm 18weeks 3 days and my last 2 Appointments I was asked if I could feel my rainbow baby move yet. Unfortunately I haven't but my last sonogram baby was kinda moving around not by much just by hand movements I'm weighed in the 220s. What month did anyone feel their lil one move. I have 2 boys but I can't recall when they started moving. I'm also concerned because I was pregnant in June and had a miscarriage at 5 weeks 5 day old fetus, now I'm pregnant with my rainbow baby. I'm worried by me not feeling my baby move could be something wrong. I go back January 4 for another ultrasound and I was told there was a possibility of cervical cancer and their was change in my cervical area. I just need some advice of either situation. Not feeling baby move or what's the situation with cervical cancer.