I don't know what to do...😩

Kristen • 29.NY. Nursing student. In love with my best friend. 🌻❤️
So I've started seeing one of my good friends after Being single for four years. I have talked to other guys since but all three played me badly. So I've been working on myself and I've finally come to enjoy being single or so I think. I feel very guarded now when it comes to relationships to the point they give me very bad anxiety. I know he really likes me he tells me all the time and he's the greatest. He Treats me like a queen but I'm scared I don't like him as much as he likes me right now. I do like him and can see a future with him very much! But for some reason I'm so damn scared to jump head first into it all. Maybe I'm overthinking a lot and scaring myself too. I have a hard time just going with the flow of things. 
Have any of you felt like this? Or am I bat shit crazy lmao