so effing sick

Of ttc!
My husband and I tried for 5 years before my first pregnancy and miscarriage in 2013.  Another 7 months of trying and 2 rounds of clomid before I got pregnant with my daughter. About a year ago we decided to try again and I am seriously so sick of it. In July I got pregnant on round 2 of clomid again but it ended in another miscarriage. We waited another couple of months and are currently ttc again and I'm on round 2 of clomid for the third time. However, my husband and I work opposite shifts, I work days and he works nights so we really have  to coordinate when to bd. He gets so frustrated when I tell him I'm ovulating because it truly takes the fun out of it. I'm just so pissed that we have to go through this. Just got a + ovulation test but he's trying to put off sex and I'm super annoyed because I don't want to waste this month of clomid when it makes me feel like crap all month. Anyways, sorry for venting but literally none of my friends or family get the struggle.