My December Baby

Fatima • hamdulillah pregnant ♡
My pregnancy was good , i wasnt high risk or anything , except i was throwing up my entire pregnancy and i had zofran every day but other than that nothing . At my 36 week checkup i was 1 cm and 60 % effaced , at 37 week i was 2.5 cm and 60% effaced . My doctors face was impressed and she told us we dont know when she will arrive but you probably wont make it to the next appoinment wich will be at 38 w and 4 days . At the end of my pregnancy i was having alot of contractions and on Monday the 26 th my doctor called and said that i tested positive for group b test , it was very dissapointing. The next day i was having contractions but they were not painful , my belly was really hard so it wasnt painful so i didnt pay attention , we went to eat at tepenyaki at 4 , then 10 minutes being there my contractions started being painful in my back so i started timing them , at this point they were every 5 min and after an hour i was there they went to every 4 min . I was in so much pain especially my back and tailbone , so i texted my mother in law and she told me to go to the hospital and we got out and went to pick her up and pick our stuff and go . I was scared because they just started being painful and i didnt want then to send me home i was a FTM . We get there and they monitor my contractions and definetly i was having them every 3 min but when they checked me i was 3 cm and 70 % effaced , so they decided to keep monitoring me until i changed . After two hours and contractions being 3 min apart and lasting 30-40 second i was crying in pain in my back , my husband was amazing and the nurse was amazing when they checked me again i was barely a 4 but 80% effaced and they told me that if i wasnt a 5 they couldnt admit me . After 2 hours , it was 12 am (6 hours in labor ) waiting my cervix only got to a 4 but i was still in so much pain , the nurse told me that they need to check me because i was in so much pain and she went and talked to a doctor so they finally decided to admit me . I got my epidural i didnt feel it at all just like a cold going down your spine :) then a obgyn resident came in and said that they are going to put me on medicine for the group b test and it was 3 hours i belive each dose . I got my first and after 2 hours she comes back and she said that they will break my water and most likely i will be giving birth in 8 hours or so that way i will be done with my second dose . They check me and i was 4.5 cm they broke my water( when they broke my water they noticed meconioum ) and half and hour later she comes in to insert something in my vagina to hear the babies heart beat ( i already had the catherer and another thing to measure my contractions better ) when she inserts she checks me and her eyes open wide and says " you are at a 6 cm and 90 % effaced and baby is in station 0 " i was shocked . At this point the contractions got stronger but i didnt feel them except my right side under my belly i can feel some , after half an hour when i was a 6 , they came back and checked me because i told them i feel so much preassure . The resident checks me and she said i was a 10 cm and fully effaced and baby was down , so i asked if i can push and she said lets wait 20 min because i needed to finish my first dose of antibiotic and she said that we can practice pushing . In the room there was going to be pedriatians for the baby if she has meconiom and the doctor the resident and the nurses . But at my practice pushing it was only 2 nurses and the resident , i started pushing so hard and they were shocked so they went so fast and called the team and the doctor ( it wasnt my doctor wich i was dissapointed because she wasnt on call ) but the doctor didnt came just the team after 10-15 min of pushing my baby was out and they took her and cleaned her from meconioum she had just a little bit , when she came out it was an amazing feeling , im so in live with her . They took her while they were taking my placenta out and ! I didnt tear!!!! I was so happy and then they puted her in my chest for 1 minute i kissed her and then they took her to monitor her and clean more of the meconium when they took her the doctor came in and said " im sorry bla bla " but it was so okat becaude that resident was AMAZING after 2 hours of monitoring my daughter they brought her to me in the postpartum room and did the skin to skin with her . This was an amazing experience after the epidural everything went down hill .Jannah born on the 27 at 3:21 am she weights 6 pounds and 1 oz . 19 and 3/4 inches long (50 centm) at 38 weeks and 2 days. Thank you for reading ♡