Rest in Heaven Zendé, Mommy loves you ♡


December 29th I found out I was having a baby boy, but not knowing this would be the last night I would be carrying you..  Mommy loves you so much

Dec. 30th you gained your wings ♡

Rest in Heaven Zendé mommy loves you and your big sister soooo much.

My angels always and forever!

Seems like this year was a bad year all together due to the fact I lost my baby girl now you. My baby boy would've been 24

weeks tomorrow on new years ..

Right after my gender reveal some how my cervix opened from the inside out which made go into labor .. my baby was fully developed but his lungs weren't

He was 1pound 8 ounces .. had to do a c section bc he was breached (feet first) now me and my mom have to prepare his funeral ..

I still remember waking up from my surgery and them handing him to me .. all i could do was cry, couldn't stop kissing him

Dr. Told me in the furure when i get pregnant again how they would have to sew up my cervix then put me strictly on bed rest.

This all still feels like a dream, happened so fast.. Rest in Heaven Zendé Gilmore ♡

Mommy love you so much ..