cervical incompetence?

Hey, I am currently 15+3 and really struggling with pain. Going to cut the long story short but my midwife was a little worried I have cervical incompetence, I've got a different shaped uterus and have had operations to dilate my cervix, one being a d&c which I know can be a factor. Basically Christmas Day I had immense pressure , as I wiped I felt something at the opening (TMI), so I explored a little and realised it was my cervix hanging at the opening, it also felt a open, I know some will say I shouldn't be touching it but it was at the opening!  Today it's high and soft, not sure if it's open really as I didn't want to test however I'm still getting agonising cramps and pressure, I can barely stand or walk, anyone know what this is and if your cervix can be high with cervical incompetence? 
booked a doctors appointment when I saw the midwife as she was worried but because of bank holiday it's not till Tuesday. Any advice will be much appreciated, this pain is crazy bad however I have had it in some shape or form since the beginning of the pregnancy it's just worse now. Thanks in advance and happy new year x