what type of lawyer do i need?

Some of you may have seen my other post about my birth story and how i was mistreated. 
My daughter was born alive. She was breathing, moving and everything. The ambulance never checked for vitals and told the hospital she was not alive, making them not even attempt to save her. 
We have fought and fought, gotten yelled at by multiple people from the state about getting her a birth certificate because she was absolutely alive. They say they wont do it because she wasnt alive and they will mail us a death certificate. However thats not true. 
We have no actual proof that she was breathing l. However, when my husband made the 911 call, they are recorded right? Because during the call he was yelling to the dispatcher that she was breathing and was instructed cpr. Is there anyway we can get that tape? 
Anyways, what type of lawyer would i need to fight this?