is this creepy? has it happened to you?

Please ladies I need your advice. I know this is a long post but PLEASE give me your feedback. For all of you who have an iPhone, you know about the "find friends" app. My man of one year and a half one day after having lunch with him at his job area showed me the app and added me to it then asked me to allow him to see my location. I did not accept his request on my phone for almost a month because I thought it was creepy and sketchy to do. I was not sure why he wanted to track my location at any time. I thought it was because he wanted to ensure that he knew when I was coming over and if his ex or any other woman is there he can ensure they're gone before I get there. I talked to him about that and he said that he wants to track my location because I am diabetic and he wants to make sure if I have extreme low glucose levels he would know where I am at. Not sure how knowing my location if I had a low blood sugar helps him because he claims that he doesn't always go on it the way I think he does. He said that he fully trusts me all the time which is why I was confused about the app request. 
He usually tells me where he is without me asking.  He told me that he will be at his sisters house in Northglenn with some family and friends for New Years but my sister just told me that her bf who is with him told her that they are in Fort Collins, Colorado which is a city a little over an hour from where I live. I checked his location on the app because he told me otherwise and it said location not found so I am positive that he turned off the sharing option. I don't know why he would do that because this app was his idea however because of this it is making me think that he is doing something he knows I will disapprove of. Why do men do that?! 
I spoke to him and told him that we should stop the whole find friends tracking location a few weeks ago because it makes me anxious and suspicious and he just starred at me. So I said both of us should delete each other off it and just leave our location to our word. If I said I am at the gym then you believe me because you have my word only to go on and vice versa instead of using the app to verify or anything else. Am I over exaggerating or wrong here? I know with technology in this century everything is changing but in a way I think this find friends app helps men possibly cheat or do wrong things if they wanted to without getting caught 
Now I will say that I don't trust men much. I've seen it all and heard it all and caught so many idiot men doing the wrong thing so with this disclaimer I am skeptic of a lot. It takes a lot to get me to trust you if I know you because I have high expectations of you.