positive opk 5 days in a row?!?

Ok so bare with me ladies. 
For the past let's say four months I have been using opk's to track my ovulation. Usually I struggle to even get a positive! This month, on day 15 I got a positive opk, I then continued to get STRONG positives for 5 days. I have done some research and found that some women have actually found out they are pregnant through getting multiple positive opk tests, but I felt as though it would be way too early in my
Cycle to get a positive pregnancy test. Anyway, just out of
Boredom, I took One and lone behold... a faint and definite positive?!? How can it be? 
I got my period on time last month and it was just like usual so I figure I can't be pregnant from last months cycle??
Can anyone shed some light on this???
Thanks ❤️️❤️️