Can't see doctor for a month what should I do?

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So my 3hr results were fasting 77 (65-94), 1hr 181 (65-179), 2hr 154 (65-149), & 3hr 118(65-139) Due to how my insurance is I can only see a specialist if i'm referred to one so my ob's nurse gave me the referral. The only endocrinologist in the practice has no appointments until the first week of february. Like wtf. I can't see the nutritionist until I see the endo so im just stuck. Ive cut out sugars, watching my carbs per meal, and upped my protein. They can't refer me to anyone else so I just have to wait. Should I get a glucometer in the meantime? Im just really displeased with how this whole situation is occuring and don't know what to do.