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So, this just happened at around 830pm. I called L&D and the lady I spoke to was such a bitch, telling me pretty much if i was having contractions i wouldnt be able to breathe, talk, or walk, which I don't believe that, but I been very flushed in the face i been having contractions for the past two days frequently coming and going, I haven't time them just bc i suck at that, but I can just feel it if that makes sense, but also i have so much pressure and back pain. And it has increased alot more since I lost my mucus plug/bloodyshow... idk what to do if I should go to hospital or not... I just figured I'd wait it out and if it's gets to unbearable then I'm going no matter what, but either way holy crap, my son could come any moment, but the pain and the back labor and all is so intense idk if I'll make it the rest of the night or tomorrow.

What do you yall think I should do? I don't want to go all the way to hospital and they send me home bc i live 30 mins away....

But either way this is a very good sign i just dont know what am I waiting on next??

Advice please??

I also just got done cleaning like crazy as well.. lol.