Myomectomy didn't go well 😢

Serbrina • Married June 23, 2012, been TTC since we got married. Had a misscarraige 2/23/2015, trying not to give up hope.
On Thursday, December 29 2016 I had my myomectomy surgery. Well it did go so well. I thought I was going in to have 2 maybe 3 fibroids removed the biggest one being the size of a cantaloupe. It turns out they removed 13 fibroids. Once they removed those I went into recovery, the nurse noticed I had bleeding in my stomach. They rushed my back into surgery to try and stop the bleeding but they couldn't. The only way they could get it to stop was to do a hysterectomy 😢 I was in ICU for 3 days and now I am in a regular room in the hospital. My doctor felt so bad, he knows how bad we want to have kids. He did tell me that I still have my tubes and I still have eggs, so we can have children that are biologically ours, we would just need a surrogate. I know this is all bad news but I am happy to be alive and I will not give up on having children.