not entirely sure where to put this but...inverted nipples?

odessa • med student 💉 | capricorn.
I was born with inverted nipples! Tbh I hate to so much and I plan on getting my nipples pierced to keep them out 24/7. Mine aren't fully inverted, they do poke out of my aerola sometimes, like when I'm cold or turned on, but for the most part they retract back in (this sounds so weird haha esp to those reading this that don't know what inverted nipples are) but I just wanted to know if anyone else here had inverted nipples?
For the longest time it was a HUGE insecurity for me, and I thought surgery was the only way to fix it but then I read that nipple shields helped some girls get their nipples out permanently, and some said getting them pierced also will keep them out permanently, even years later when you take the piercings out for good.
I'm not as insecure about them now, but I still want to get my nipples pierced for other reasons, mainly, I like the way pierced nipples look. So anyways, anyone else have inverted nipples? Any stories? Or tips? Comments? Questions?