Happy new year 
I had a very Special relationship with an older men, he's 50, I'm 30, we used to fight because we used cocaine and used to beat me, but we always forgived each other.  We split up and I got therapy to understand that it was normal. I thought it was normal because my father was violent with my mother.
He invited me to celebrate New Years ever with him and his family, and he is the only person that calls me and cares for me, so I went but one of o his daughter in laws was mean with me so I had to leave. His sons were really ashamed, he called me but I was crying because I felt humiliated. I wanted to apologize to her, but I just don't know what to do.
I'm 30, and he's the only person that actually callme. And Misael me. I have never ask him for money like his other exs.
Should I apologize to her? Karma exists? 
On my way back I got 2 admirers who wanted to take advantage of the situation!!! 
I'm not ugly. 
What should I do to get a real and beautiful relationship? Should I apologize to her? Should I accept his calls?