Uncomfortable and Scared

Well I went for an ultrasound appointment today with my high risk doctor. I am 29 weeks and 4 days and beyond uncomfortable. Everything is going good with Phoenix Mi'Chelle but, she's 4 pounds 6 ounces. The high risk doctor says he doesn't think moving up the c-section date is necessary. He states that lungs take longer to mature in babies of diabetic moms. So the longer the better he's not too concerned with delivering a big baby. However, I'm concerned I am in pain and having lots of pressure. Of course I want what's best for Phoenix but, I'm kind of scared for myself. I am going to talk to my regular ob tomorrow. Has anyone delivered a really big baby and made it all the way to full term? My first daughter was 8 pounds 12 ounces and that was at 38 weeks exactly. I'm in so much pain now I don't know how I will feel in eleven well less than that now weeks. Any advice ladies?