Can I get advice?

My compromises aren't compromises.

I honestly need to talk because I don't know what else I can do.

So please don't give me grief on my views on circumcision or vaccinations.

I don't like circumcision my SO wants it. I agree with the stipulation that pain medication is used and he takes care of the diapers until the bleeding is done. He agreed.

But now he says I'm too pushy and there will be no pain meds used and I'll take change diapers after circumcision or it won't be done.

We had agreed on names but his mom pushed him on a name he liked when he was a kid but told me he didn't like anymore. So that's the name we have to use. Nevaeh Kay, it was Brynn Kay.... And because we compromised on the boys name (Gabriel Tiberius), it is now Oenomaus Cruxux. Those are 100% his choices. I don't even know how to pronounce that.

He's now taking over the baby shower and had me delete our registry because he wasn't consulted enough so he's going to do it himself.

I have to call and cancel the appointment for the ultrasound because he is 60% sure it is a boy. We're 24 weeks. Wed have to go to a clinic that will cost us $85 out of pocket and he doesn't want to pay for it.

I'm highly allergic to a preservative in shots so I thought we agreed on getting it all of its shots, just spread out so we could monitor reactions. But he now wants them done all at once.

He wants me to have a C-section because he feels it's safer so I will need to talk to my OB Wednesday about it.

I'm sure there will be more to come. It seems everything was agreed on but I guess I'm too pushy. Too outspoken. I know I should be grateful he's taking care of me while I've been pregnant but I feel like nothing more that an incubator with no say.

I wish I didn't have an opinion.

His mom usually has him do what she wishes.

He pays for everything while I've been sick. I just need to let go of everything and let him have it. Any advice how?

We've been together a little under 10 years, ttc for 5, had miscarriages and this is the furthest we've gotten with a pregnancy. I'm 29 he's 32.