My Husband is finally fully in

My husband has been terrified of me getting pregnant since we started trying 5 months ago because of finances. I can totally understand, but we had talked about it before I stopped my birth control and had agreed that then would be a good time to start trying. Well last month AF was 10 days late and I had gotten blood work done and everything. Then AF showed her ugly face on Christmas Day of all days. Well when AF left, I had found a support group online for women with PCOS and I decided to join it and decided to go on a diet and lose weight and be healthier for our future and for when we have kids. This was the week after Christmas when I decided on the diet thing. Everything has been going great and New Years comes up. My dad decides to send me a picture of baby clothes hes buying for "when the time comes" (first picture). Neither of our families know we're trying so it throws me off when he keeps telling me that I am going to be pregnant soon. Anyways, back to New YearsWe have always gone to church for a midnight service and we have a tradition there where we write things we would like God to help us with in the upcoming year. One of mine was having a baby, of course. Well my husband shared mine and wrote on the back and read mine after he wrote his. He let me read his and it said having a baby too. He told me that night that he was really hoping I would have been pregnant this past month and then we go out today shopping and he bought a onesie and a little 12 month shirt. He seems to have been drawn into the baby craze with me now and I couldn't be happier.