I'm in a tough spot. just want to vent. and get advice!

Tyler • Mommy of an angel baby👼🏼 baby number two is due March 8, 2017 so blessed and thankful! Thank you Jesus!
So I'm 30 weeks and 5 days. 
I've been engaged the last two years. I've been with him for 6 years! 
My fiancé and I have struggled with addiction, I've struggled with weed! And my fiancé has a very addictive personality! He smokes weed, drinks, pops pills, he went on a binged and tried meth before I found out I was pregnant. I had broke up with him, then a few days later found out I was pregnant. I told him and a few days later he got sober. He has been sober off meth and pills the last 5 months, now he just smokes weed, I told him as long as you don't do it once my daughter gets here It is what it is. 
But the last 2-3 weeks I know he has been on some type of pills. I know that he will take some pills then drink to just be able to say he is drunk but i know him to well. And he will tell me I'm going to my friends I'll be back. Then come back a few hours later so messed up he can't talk or walk he just passes out. I'll text the friend he says he is going to and they will say he isn't there . I'm just so frustrated part of me just wants to throw in the towel and make him leave my house and just call him once the baby is born. The other part of me knows the bitter bitch he can be if I tell him that. He will kick in my door or steal  all my shit. I know I could get a protection order against him but he won't follow threw with it! He will still come and do some fucked up shit. So I'm just so angry I'm sad, I'm hurt, I just don't wanna do this anymore . He doesn't have a job, he doesnt do anything . !!!