power or prayer!

I know everyone will have a different take on this, and that's okay. 
I just want to share for fellow Christians! 
I've been looking for my baby's heartbeat on my Doppler for a week now. I'm today 11 weeks.... I know it's early, but with my son I was able to find it at 10 weeks. 
So last night I tried and tried... I gave up. Freaking out I started thinking I've miscarriage and I just have bled yet(I even started researching.) 
Well I tried again today just now.. no luck again for about 5 minutes. I prayed. Asked god to please show me the heartbeat. Not even 2 min later, I find it!!! Nice and strong! ❤
I couldn't be more relived and gracious by gods answering to me! 
I love the power of prayer!! Once again, not let down by the power of prayer! ❤