will someone tell me about being a CNA?

So I want to go to veterinary school eventually but that's entirely dependent upon my husband's career since it's very restrictive as far as locations go. If we happen to move near a vet school I'll go, but otherwise it's probably off the table. I'm okay with it, I want to work with animals either way so if I don't get to go I want to have a self sufficient homestead and raise livestock. But that is also probably 3+ years away, so I'm looking for something to do in the meantime. CNA sounds good since I only have to take a 75 hour course and the test (for my state) but I have questions. Is the pay good? I googled average salary for my city and it said $23,000-$32,000 but I wonder if they actually pay that much, I was under the impression that CNAs only make $11 an hour or less. What's it like to be a CNA in a hospital? Not gonna lie, I dislike many of the elderly so I would probably go with a hospital rather than a nursing home, and I'd love to work with children or in the maternity ward. Is it really exhausting work? I hear being an RN is but I never hear anything about CNA work. Anything else you can tell me from a CNA's perspective would be greatly appreciated 😁 If I do it and enjoy nursing I may eventually become an RN if I decide I no longer want to farm.