I love sex, but is it right? 🤔🍆💦😏

Seraphina • ❤️❤️
Asking for advice from all you lovely laddies who waited till marrige to have sex, or did not who have STRONG REASONING/BELIFS BEHIND IT. To help a sister out💞
Okayyyyy so about a year and a half ago I was living the innocent life😇, I was super happy with my choices and I was on the path that my parents always wanted me to take. I was a young Christian girl who lived for her purity, practically the next virgin freaking Mary. I was in a realationship with a hot 🔥💦but not so great guy who ended up fucking me over leaving me in peices. In the next 8-10 months following I went through a time in my life I like to call my "hoe days"😂🍆 (hoe as is I had sex more than my peers Like 5 times and lots of blowjobs were given to guys who didn't give a fuck about me) honestly that was a great experience and i was happy, having sex made my broken heart feel loved and valued, and that would be  all dandy buttttttt I MET THIS GUY AND HE IS SOOOO AMAZING, we are like best friends, and he knows how to make me laugh, and like idk like we click and we can talk for hours without an aquard pause so like idk I'm really happy with him. I am looking to have a long term relationship with him because I trust him to always be there for me and he is honestly the person that knows me best so why would I want to be with anyone else. and I know that this highschool shit isn't supposed to last but like he's a Virgin and he made me start thinking. And this is my question to all you beautiful ladies:
Is it worth the trouble to wait till you Marry someone to make love? Because honestly I really want to wait and save all I have left for my husband. But also like if it's not worth it I don't want to be waisting my precious youth when I could be having sex with my boyfriend when our realationship is ready for that. 
I am a very sexual person as of now so waiting will be hard but I do want to please the lord and stuff and respect my future husband  so like just opinions please?!?!     
Should I rededicate myself to being pure or just see where life takes me? 
(I fully understand that in the end I have to make this decision for myself but just looking for people with a little more life experience) 
🌸15 years old by the way please don't comment on my age being too young to have sex I'm just looking for helpful advice to shape my future. 🌸