my boyfriend ripped my vagina

So let me start by saying I'm 30 weeks pregnant so we get creative with positions. I was on my side with one of my legs like to my chest and I guess I had shifted between thrusts and he missed my vagina and hit the back part of the opening really hard. I asked for thirty seconds of recovery time, I was laughing and crying a little and he just looked concerned. After I told him it was okay and he could keep going, like 30 seconds in he freaked out cause I was bleeding. A lot. I knew it was from the tear but when you're 30 weeks and there's that much blood you can't help but to freak out so I start crying and we almost went to the hospital but baby girl was moving normally and responding to us pressing on my stomach so decided to go if I was still bleeding by morning. So it obviously stopped bleeding, and we haven't had sex since. I feel slightly traumatized and he hasn't really brought up sex because I think he knows but my sex drive has been through the roof this whole pregnancy 🙄 is a week of healing time enough or should I wait longer? It's not sore or hurting anymore, but I can't even see my vagina to shave it so I can't see anything to check lol