Ouch! That hurt 😞😥😥

Been seeing a guy for 2 months intensely.. 
He was with me every single night, if not every other night. 
He was cuddling me all night, kissing me stroking my all over my body while watching films. I'd run him baths, cook him dinners every night, we seemed so happy and I genuinely thought he was smitten on me. He'd message me all the time.. I can't put it into words but he just seemed SO SMITTEN on me! He even cancelled nights out with the boys to see me, he came to mine Christmas Evening, brought me a Christmas present.. Now I know you all won't believe me but, truly he seemed so smitten with me. I was so sure. 
Anyway, I asked him last night if he actually liked me like that? Because I've started to fall for him... And I like him a lot. And maybe there could be a future between us? Well... I received this back. Ouch doesn't come close. I haven't text him again after that lovely last message.. 😞 I'm a woman who picks up vibes VERY WELL, and I sniff liars out easily... I can hand on my heart say this was a shock. He seemed mad for me... If I ignore him for a few weeks/months is there a chance he'd return? (I know you ladies will be telling me WHY HAVE HIM BACK?) which is a very valid point... But what we had was very special. It was a really good thing we had going, and I'm hoping he might see this? 😞 please no nastiness. Please don't kick a girl while she's down, I just wondered for people's advice and maybe some experiences? Thanks lovely ladies