Been a StepMom 😟

Hi my fellow glow ladies and gents I have taken the role of been a stepmom to my now fiancé to a  1yr old  I do everything from sun up to sun dwn cleaning,teaching,feeding,planning our day, now potty training ☺️ and everything inbetween his biological Mother has passed away when he was about 6mnths & I have been around since than he calls me moms and loves me just as much as I love him 😍  well my fiancé isn't completely over his ex which is normal I will say just the way he expects me to do my hair or other things like his deceased ex would anywho there are pictures of her and my step son on the fridge of when he was first born it's been there forever my fiancé asked me what will I say to my stepson when he see this picture I politely told him it will not be on our fridge once he come aware of everything he claims I'm trying to erase her 😑 I said no I'm not but I have feelings and her family is not involve in my son life at all my family treats him like blood  and than with my fiancé mom she is always competing with me throwing little remarks every now in than like you know if anything happens to my son I get the baby or once I started potty training him she got a potty that seats on the floor and said the one I got he don't like 🙁 I have the one that goes on the toilet he loves it because he feels like a big boy idk I just feel like I'm losing it I love this child with everything in me how do you guys as step parents deal with not been a biological parent and dealing with this situation in the best manner I'm a very sweet lady so I let wateva his mom say fly's but I'm just starting to want to give my fiancé his ring back.