Fiancé Troubles

My fiancé and I had our son 2 months ago. I am the primary care taker of him on the weekends, my days off, and during the day before my shift. Needless to say I take care of my son almost 24/7 and my fiancé does what he has to do and kind of takes care of him while I'm at work at night. I say kind of because he is getting his parents to help him. I know some may not see this as a problem but I do. Especially when I have ZERO help throughout the day and majority of the time I'm going into my 10 hour night shift job with 4 hours of sleep... he gets them to take care of our son while he can get some sleep. I mean how freaking ridiculous is this?!?!?!?!? And yes I have talked to him about how much I don't like it and how bad it bothers me. I don't even know what to do now. My cousin/bff keeps offering me and my son a room at their house but I really want that to be the all out last resort because I love my fiancé. I just truly can NOT stand this any longer. It's actually making my postpartum anxiety 10x worse because other people are watching my son even though I don't want that. I need some advice. I need good advice and I need it fast. Or  I might just take that spare room or go back to my moms house. 😔